Dark Descent Studios



This is a map I've been working on for some time now.
It had slow progress, but I wanted to finish it now.
I'm working on a mod with some people, and I don't want this map being in the way.
So the setup of the map is quite different, they were 2 separate maps/project.
The biggest one, gm_acfgrass, I had started it as a big flatgrass map for me and my friend to play on with Armored Combat Framework.
Then I started adding stuff and it became quite good, until I stopped editing it and it got a little dusty.
The second map, gm_cliffbuild, I don't know why I made it. I think this version is MUCH better than the Original version.
Trust me, the original version was S***. You can do some fun stuff on it with friends and have some contests on the skislope.
I Will most likely not update/improve this map any further.
I have spent too much time on it already.
This does NOT go into Addons, straight into Garrysmod. 

- Big open build space
- Big water area
- Docks that you can turn into drydocks(!)
- A Skislope
- A worthless lighthouse
- A Usefull Air Traffic Control Tower.
- A Hangar
- A very useless house
- Fun
- (some) AI Noding
BearHamster - Making the map (ofcourse).
TheHappyTurtle - Making some very usefull textures, and having some good ideas for these maps and testing.
|X???| Hollandic™ - Testing, having (a few) ideas.
-|OsG|- Carl - Helping fix the worst error you can get in a map, and having some nice ideas.