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We stream all of our contenet to you just to keep you up to date on what we are doing. This is a Video and Audio stream so you don't have to watch, we have created this stream on the basis that you can listen to us while you play games or do what else you want to do. You can also chat but we have a few rules that you absolutely MUST follow. We want our chat to be a place where all of our fans of any age can hang out and just chat.

1 - No Swearing at Others
2 - Abusing others will result in a 4 week channel view ban
3 - Racism and Sexism are an instant block.
4 - Pretending to be a Moderator will result in an instant chat ban for 2 weeks.
5 - Do not believe anything about the mod that is said in the chat unless it is authorised by the current streamer

So make sure to invite your friends and show them the mod and all of our other games that are being developed.

Twitch TV


We know you fans want to get to the point and ask us questions about Dark Descent Studios and the games we are making. Our fortnightly pod-casts allow you viewers and listeners to ask the questions that have been on your mind about us. Like in the Livestreaming section there are rules that help us make this fun and safe for everyone. Please obide by them.

1 - No Swearing at the listeners or staff
2 - Abusing will result in your number being blocked perminantly.
3 - Sexism is a permimant removal.
4 - Pretending to be one of us will result in you not getting your question answered for 1 week.
5 - ONLY 1 QUESTION may be asked.

To sign up for you and your question please fill out the forum below. 

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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